What We Did Right

It was Lubbock Texas in the last days of the Vietnam war.

Lubbock…cowboys, dust, Waylan, Cotton club, cotton, flat twang talk

My Grad career–kind of like the flight of a penguin. I was flightless–unprepared, unmotivated, undirected

The wrong list is long for us–we made every mistake in HD–more than once

We did two things right—almost–so lets say 1.5 or 1.1 things right.

Actually we came to understand that they were crucial and  sooner or later we got them right

In any marriage there are two essential eternally true moves–leave and promise in that order

It needs to start that way or it is going to be full of holes and may sink….or worse yet just go on aimlessly

Many marriages start with –a Facebook kind of “ain’t we in love” along with living together with all sorts of emotional construct.  There is usually some kind of arrangement for interpersonal and household things and some sort of stated commitment.

And usually newlys don’t live in the parents home, so it is maybe not obvious that they have not left.

In our case we “waited” until marriage, did not live together until wedding day, lived far from parents. We had gotten married in a church in the Bible belt of old Austin Texas.