I am in the third third. This is a term that my wife invented to refer to that part of life we have after 60 that our parents generation often missed because they died or vegged. In her blog, “Need Less Give More“, she gives some insightful info on navigating and excelling in the third third.

Question is not how fast I get there but how well I get there.

Integrity is being and doing and thinking what is true and right and loving when no one is looking.

It is playing for an audience of One.

I aim to finish and finish well in life.

And that is exactly what I did at the Run Rabbit Run 50 miler. I ran hard the last 7 miles. I left more than what I had on that mountain. I was out of fluids, out of energy, out of breath, and out of daylight, and out of time.

But I finished strong.


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