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We Have Lost


We have lost so much…so that we are lost.

We have lost;

  • A view and understanding of history and it’s value
  • The ability to speak and to think clearly
  • The wonder of power, hope, eternity.
  • The reality of our own ignorance, littleness, and need
  • The value of discussing issues openly
  • The pressing essential value of what Francis Schaeffer called True Truth
  • The promise of being forgiven, clear, ok and a child
  • The essential qualities of respect, decorum, love, and honesty
  • The priority of giving your life away
  • The skill od relationship: no triangles, listen, love respect, real and authentic communication
  • The anchor that I am created, God is Good and to know Him is everything
  • The building block that I am a created being: loved, specially gifted, and the light of the world

Moon zocalo

I am an ultra runner

Over the past few years I have repeated to myself the truth (never hurts to take in a lot of truth) that I am an athlete. BG got me going on this at Love Corner and it has carried me many a mile.

When I was running 13 -15 miles up and down Mt Werner at Steamboat last week, it hit me that I should update this- I am an ultra runner.

  • So I don’t just go out and run a bit–I go for it.
  • I am smart about how to run the first part of a race to be sure to finish
  • this year at Run Rabbit Run it is not about finishing–it is about setting a great mark for a 66 year old.
Run Rabbit Run

Running last week around snow above Steamboat.